A Glamorous 1920’s Wedding at OXO2

Mark and Will met at Cambridge University, and we were delighted to have them tie the knot at OXO2 on Thursday 24th March, with a glamorous 1920’s wedding. Mark is from a small area in Doncaster, and his friends told him that on the morning of the event, Doncaster train station was full of different people all dressed in 1920’s outfits. All making their way to London for the wedding, it was the event everyone was talking about in his hometown!


It was great to hear that they loved the blank canvas space the OXO2 offers, therefore allowing them to really go to town with décor for their 1920’s theming, and they sure did. Mark and Will took a trip to the treasure trove of theming and props that is Fullcircle’s warehouse, and handpicked all of the items that themed their event. They came across large floor standing mirrors, bureau and vintage dressers, small table clocks, type writers, bankers lamps, vintage trunks, and an endless amount of décor they weren’t expecting to find…


The couple were really creative with their own ideas, they renamed the East side of the venue ‘Gentleman’s Club,’ and the West Side, ‘Speakeasy.’  The couple placed their guest book and gifts on a themed writer’s desk, and ordered newspapers which were published on 24.03.1929. They used the newspapers to decorate the coffee tables as well as vinyls from that year. That wasn’t all; they also made personalised newspapers and named them ‘OXO News’ it was great to see they had incorporated us into their big day. They shared lots of stories of their friends from both of their stag parties in the newspapers, and cleverly wrote them in a 1920’s style.


The wedding ceremony took place at 4pm, following the ceremony guests partied at OXO2 until 12:30am and continued their night until the early hours of the morning. It was great to see OXO2 in full 1920’s glamour and the couple really did put on a show!





Photos courtesy of Alex Beckett

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