Alternative ideas for team building

Looking for some fresh ideas on how to motivate your team and maximise your company’s productivity? Then here are some alternative ideas for you team building.

Four new alternative ideas for successful team building

1 – Get everyone to share their worst ideas

Encourage everyone in your team to think of the worst way for your business to go forward. Perhaps this could be an idea for a product launch, a new marketing or content strategy, or a new direction for your brand/s. Yes, this might seem a little odd, but it will encourage your team to communicate on a more informal level, have a few laughs, and look at your business from a different perspective. After all, it’s often much easier to think of a bad idea than a good idea – so this is a useful tool for getting everyone to contribute to a team building activity. (because few people will be afraid of sharing their worst ideas if they’re told to do so!).

2 –Learn more about each team member

Ask people to share stories about their successes and failures – everyone will have something to share. At first, this might not necessarily seem like a team-building activity either, but it can be a great way to build stronger working relationships. Encourage your team members to get to know one another, and help them to recognise that they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

3 – Organise a fundraising challenge

Create a team fundraising challenge and reward the winner (whoever raises the most funds) with a special prize. Or, divide your team into two groups like in the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. This is a good way to raise money for a particular cause and support your local community.

4 – Book an outdoor team-building day

A fun alternative from day-to-day office life. A corporate fun day is is an excellent opportunity to get everyone in your team to work together and have fun at the same time. How about a pizza-making challenge at the heart of London’s famous Borough Market? Or a taxi treasure hunt or race car driving experience?

Looking for other alternative ideas for strengthening team work?

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