The benefits of hosting a full day event in one venue

Planning multiple events over this busy season is always a juggling act for any event professional. Finding the right venue that ticks all the boxes is a fine balance to strike; from the technical requirements to catering and location. It makes sense to combine events where possible and host them at the same venue. For instance, the benefits of having a conference followed by an evening reception and dinner means that logistically your event can be more streamlined, with less costs and organisation required.

This format works really well for this time of year, whereby you can have the company conference or awards followed by the Christmas party afterwards. The blank canvas interiors of OXO2’s gallery-style spaces mean that you can easily brand the venue and adapt it to your event requirements. The separate spaces can be changed around between events without the knowledge of your guests.

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We discuss the benefits of having a full day event with our client Kantar, who recently hosted a successful event with our senior event manager Sara Cash.

Kantar held a cabaret-style conference for 50 guests in the East side of the venue with lunch in the West side. Following a quick turnaround, guests enjoyed the evening drinks reception in one half of the venue before moving into the other half for a sumptuous three course dinner by our in-house caterers Create.

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What were your motivations behind a full day event? 

It was important for us to in the first day be able to bring everyone together, connect, and open up discussions; through this we were able to introduce networking opportunities into the evening with a fabulous dinner and networking drinks reception. To be able to deliver this all in one event space helped make our event objectives deliverable, and a successful first day kick-off event.

Did it work for your guests/you?

We have received exceptional feedback for the venue from our guests at the event. OXO2 worked fantastically well for our first day kick-off. We were very impressed with the space and the OXO2 event staff team, who can be praised with exceptional delivery and focus which helped us create a very successful event.

What made you choose OXO2?

The event space was endearing, huge amounts of space, with stunning views and a central location was vital. The OXO2 worked well to deliver both what we needed from an event perspective and our overall needs, with that added wow factor! A very sophisticated event space, with the ability to create a great guest experience, visually entice and a blank canvas to brand.

What do you look for when selecting a venue?

Space, light, effectiveness and options.

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What other motivations are behind clients doing a full day event? 

Time constraints of guests if coming from far and wide, to allow time for leisurely networking as well as business.  Guests nowadays are so busy, that they use lunchtimes to catch up on emails, and therefore having the evening for solid networking time.

Why does it work so well at OXO2?

Being made up of two large separate spaces, OXO2 offers the opportunity for the guests to stay in the venue whilst one room is transformed without them being aware of a thing. The sound proof, moveable doors by the balcony mean the space can be split in two and any evening set up can take place behind closed doors whilst guests enjoy a flowing drinks reception with views of the sun setting over the Thames.  When guests return to the same room, the colour changeable lighting means we can give the room a completely different look very easily, so guests continue to get the wow factor from the venue.

What are the benefits for clients doing full day events? 

If the venue allows for a subtle turnaround from daytime to evening set up, using one space for everything is an exceptional way to cut costs. At OXO2 we wouldn’t charge additional venue hire whether an event was running from 09:00-00:00 or from 09:00-18:00 / 18.30 – 23.30.

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