Checklist for your Product Launch Event

Product Launch Event Checklist

Here are our top tips for planning your next product launch.

Product launches are a great opportunity to increase your exposure and get more people talking about you. Here is our checklist for guaranteeing a successful event:

Don’t be afraid to ask your event manager questions

To ensure your product launch is a success, every aspect of your event – from logistics to catering – needs to be planned carefully. Find out the capacity of your desired venue and how many people it can accommodate for a standing reception compared to a seated dinner. Ask about the technological facilities and what kind of equipment you will need – bearing in mind that this could impact on the venue’s capacity.

When it comes to planning unforgettable events, the devil is in the detail!

Promote your product launch on social media

Cost-effective and time-saving. Promoting your product launch on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets enables people to interact with your brand and learn about your products. Interact with your followers by answering questions and offering relevant advice. For example, a food manufacturer launching a new health supplements brand could write a daily blog with health and lifestyle advice. This will add value to your brand and raise awareness of your upcoming product launch.

Choose your theme and venue carefully

Make sure your theme reflects your brand, products, and your target audience. For example, a games company launching a new game will want to choose somewhere with a more informal atmosphere, with a flexible design such as OXO2.  We are the perfect blank canvas events space and are renowned for our views of the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Decide your strategy

How are you going to promote your new product? What will you use for your branding materials, product displays and presentations? How can you make sure your new product connects with your target audience? Whatever strategy you choose, make sure all of your guests go home from the event with a clear understanding of what your new product is about, how they can benefit from it, and why it’s better than everything else out there in the market.

Planning a product launch soon?

If you’re thinking of planning an product launch of your own soon, get in touch with our talented events team who will help you to create a product launch that your guests will never forget.

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