Top Tips for Creative Brainstorming

Here are some of our top tips for creative brainstorming

Are you planning a new product name or looking for new ideas as your business expands? Then here are our four top creative brainstorming ideas to help inspire you!

1 – Have a group discussion with a round-table/circular format

Encourage your team to exchange ideas by organising an informal meeting or a corporate unconference where everyone can have their say. Use a whiteboard to create a mind map that everyone can contribute to – this will make it easier to link everyone’s ideas.

2 – Use Doodle

This innovative app gives your team members the chance to engage with visual language, stimulating neurological responses that boost creativity. It involves using an object and breaking it down into its smallest components – visually. For example, a ‘tree’ could be visually broken down into ‘branches’ ‘twigs’ ‘leaves’, ‘roots’ and so on, helping people think about the object in a different kind of way. Then you can think of two completely different objects, like ‘broccoli’ and ‘screwdriver’ – before drawing them in atomised parts and combining these parts to create relationships between the objects. Guaranteed fun – and excellent for team building.

3 – Play with words

Word games are ideal for stimulating your creativity when you need to think of a new name for a brand or product. Think of adjectives to describe your brand, nouns to represent its qualities, and verbs to demonstrate what it does. For example, a company might think of itself as ‘inclusive’ (adjective), which means it values ‘diversity’ (noun) and ‘reaches out to’ (phrasal verb) broad audiences.

Think of all the adjectives, nouns and verbs that define your brand, then find a way to link all of these into one word or phrase. This is an effective technique to make sure your brand/product name accurately represents who you are and who you want to appeal to. It’s also a great chance for your team members to exchange ideas.

4 – Take a break from technology 

Too much technology can be draining, and many of us will be familiar with the term ‘Computer Eye Strain’. Therefore, consider booking a corporate fun day and get your team to interact with nature. This will help your team members recharge their batteries and refresh their minds so they can return to work physically and mentally rejuvenated.


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