Make your event POP!

How decorate a blank canvas event venue

How you can make your next event as quirky as possible!
Planning an event for the summer? Looking for ideas to make your theme quirkier than ever before? Then read some of our top tips guaranteed to make your event pop!

Showcase works from acclaimed pop artists such as:

Andy Warhol

Photo from the Tate Organisation

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol, like many other art figures, became famous soon after his death in 1987. Since then, his pop art has been exhibited in homes, museums, workplaces and other venues all across the world. Decorate your space with some of his best-known works like the Marilyn (Hot Pink) portrait from 1967, Brooklyn Bridge from 1983, Butterflies from 1955, Ice Cream Dessert from 1959, and more!

Warhol has also been the inspiration behind the rebranding of one of the UK’s leading event production companies, Mask, a proud brand of the Concerto Group.

Roy Lichtenstein

Photo from the Tate Organisation

Roy Lichtenstein is famous for his advertising art and comic strips, especially his hand-painted Benday dots. Some of his most famous works include Whaam! from 1963 and Explosion from 1965-1966, epitomising the extraordinary social change of the 1960s.

Eduardo Paolozzi

Photo from the Tate Organisation

Often known as the ‘godfather of pop art’, Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi is famed for pieces such as Whitworth Tapestry (1967), with artworks depicting the swinging 1960s to the patriotic Cool Britannia theme that emerged in the UK in the 1990s.

Choose trendy Neon signs

Neon signs add funkiness and style to your events space, creating a colourful, authentic vintage look that’s aesthetically pleasing. They are great with vibrant lighting and carnival themes, such as in our Wonder Nights at the Artillery Garden, HAC, a showstopping event help by Ultimate Experience in the Christmas of 2014.

Photo via TimeOut

NEON Christmas at London’s luxurious OXO2

This Christmas, the OXO2, one of London’s most luxurious events venues, will celebrate its very own Neon Christmas. This deluxe contemporary space can accommodate up to 485 guests for festive celebrations, and will feature a beautiful sparkly theme inspired by the Northern Lights.

Looking for a little more POP art inspiration for your next event?

Just a short walk from the OXO2 is the Tate Modern, one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries. It regularly hosts major pop-art exhibitions, and houses hundreds of works from Warhol, Lichtenstein, Paolozzi and other pop artists.

To organise your next pop-art-themed event, please get in touch with the team at OXO2 to arrange a viewing of your preferred venue.

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