Summer Party Trends

Here are our favourite summer party trends to make your event sizzle!

Are you looking for some new inspiration for your summer party this year? Then discover these five hot tips – all guaranteed to make your summer party sizzle!

Go for bite-size portions

When you invite guests to a standing reception summer party, smaller portions are generally much more convenient and practical. Everyone can try whatever they want and eat as much or as little as they desire. You’re also much less likely to end up with food being wasted, too, which is better for the environment.

Consider organic plating

While traditional large white plates are the normal presentation style for formal events, more chefs are beginning to present their cuisine in more creative ways – such as with raw wood and wooden spoons. Guests love food presentation that interacts with the natural world  – where the food and the plating blend and complement one another.

For a daytime event, consider High Tea

Quintessentially British, High Tea is the perfect theme for a London summer party, and can be adapted to many different ‘sub’ themes, too. You can go for traditional English style, or incorporate more international flavours – whatever you prefer .For example, opt for English sparkling wine with tea, freshly made scones, lemon drizzle cake, clotted cream, and so on. Or, go for something more continental like Prosecco or Champagne combined with Italian biscotti, salmon and cucumber sandwiches, feta cheese, etc.

Allow your guests to get to know the chef and the food producers.

Even today, most restaurant experiences are still one-dimensional. Normally, you only get to see the  food when it’s served – the ‘what’ part. This means you miss out on the wider culinary experience – the ‘where’, ‘how’, ‘who’, ‘why’, and ‘when’. Enable your guests to learn where the recipes come from, how it was brought together, who invented it, and why/when it was created.

Give your guests something different by allowing them to interact with the chef and the producers. For example, if you’re serving English sparkling wine, allow your guests to learn about which vineyard the wine came from and the people who produced it.

Use contrasting colours to enthuse your guests

The more beautiful your food looks, the more likely it is that your guests will enjoy it. Yes – this really is true! In 2014, scientists from Oxford University revealed in a journal entitled ‘Flavour’ that eating well-presented food resulted in higher taste satisfaction, showing that the aesthetics of food really do matter.

Leading caterers in London know this, too. For example, Create Food our trusted catering partner, prides itself on its delicious, beautifully presented food that is always bespoke to every client’s requirements.

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